Komen Northeast Ohio’s Patient Navigation Program

Navigating a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, intimidating, and frightening. A patient is faced with numerous decisions, appointments, and treatment options that can be confusing. Whether you are facing a personal diagnosis or that of a friend or loved one, there are many things you can do and resources available to help you navigate through the complex maze of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Patient navigators are an effective way to keep people in breast cancer treatment by breaking down multiple barriers to care. The Susan G. Komen® Northeast Ohio Patient Navigation Program is built on a foundation of connecting individuals to available resources to break down barriers that could potentially cause delays in care.

How Komen’s Navigator Can Help

Komen Northeast Ohio’s Patient Navigator can assist with the following issues individuals may experience during breast cancer treatment.

CARE – connection to direct medical services that will expedite treatment and recovery

  • Assistance with obtaining a free/low-cost screening and diagnostic procedure
  • Identification of available clinical trials and research studies
  • Links to genetic counselors and genetic testing
  • Links to complimentary therapies, like reiki, massage therapy, art therapy, and accupuncture, to help manage side effects of treatment
  • Links to palliative care, if needed, to maximize quality of life

ECONOMIC STABILITY – connection to resources that can help with the high costs of breast cancer treatment

  • Links to financial resources for non-medical expenses including rent/mortgage assistance, car payments/repairs, and utility payments
  • Links to insurance coverage and/or identification of non-medical benefits like transportation assistance available through insurance providers
  • Links to programs to assist with pharmaceutical bills
  • Links to transportation assistance programs
  • Assistance with employment issues as a result of diagnosis
  • Assistance with housing, child/elder care, house cleaning, etc.

SUPPORT – connection to resources to help an individual’s overall well-being while they are going through treatment

  • Emotional support for those going through diagnosis and treatment
  • Links to emotional support for caregivers, co-survivors, and family members/children
  • Information on sexuality/intimacy and family planning
  • Links to organizations that provide wigs, prosthesis, or other needed items

How To Get Assistance

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer and need assistance, please contact Melanie Downey, our on-staff patient navigator, at (216) 292-2873 x118 or mdowney@komenneohio.org.