Letter of Intent

The goal of Susan G. Komen’s® Community Health Programs is to reduce breast cancer mortality by improving access to quality care. Patient navigation programs have been identified as an effective, evidence-based approach to help achieve this. Navigation programs meet the need by educating women about breast cancer risk and screenings, linking them to health systems through referral and/or scheduling, assessing and resolving all barriers to care, and helping them navigate the health system to receive recommended screenings and follow-up care as necessary.

Komen Northeast Ohio’s direct services funding is available for up to one (1) year (April 1 – March 31). Direct services funding is determined through a Letter of Intent (LOI) submission process. This process is through invitation only.

Komen Northeast Ohio provides direct service funding in two specific areas.

  1. Clinical Services -Partner will enroll eligible clients in their navigation program, provide breast self-awareness education, conduct needs assessments to identify and resolve barriers, and link and track clients to a provider as necessary based on risk appropriate screening needs. Eligible clients include individuals who are high-risk and/or have not had a mammogram in two years or more, reside in a Community of Interest, and are at or below 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. Program activities may also include: enrollment in health insurance, Medicaid, Breast and Cervical Cancer Project, or other insurance program if the client is uninsured; follow-up and tracking of outcomes; reminder recall; transportation or child care support; and/or resolution of other identified barriers. Deliverable defined as number of individuals receiving navigation who completed breast screenings. Partner will also conduct needs assessments on patients with abnormal screening results to identify barriers to follow-up and link to a provider as necessary for appropriate diagnostic services and/or follow-up­. Deliverable defined as number of enrolled women or men receiving navigation who completed diagnostic follow-up.
  2. Financial Assistance – Partner will conduct needs assessments on patients in treatment for active breast cancer to identify financial barriers to treatment, provide immediate financial assistance to remove barriers related to cost-of-living, and link to resources as necessary for appropriate treatment services and/or follow-up­. Financial assistance partners must target at least 75% of individuals living in a Community of Interest; the remaining 25% can reside within any county in our 22-county service area.  Deliverable defined as number of women or men receiving financial assistance who stayed in treatment.

For more information about our direct services funding or to have your organization be considered for funding, please contact Gina Chicotel at gchicotel@komenneohio.org or (216) 292-2873, x112.

Small grants are available year round. Click here for more information on our small grants program.

All requests for scientific research funding should be directed to the National Susan G. Komen® Grants Program. More information on research funding is available at www.komen.org/grants.

Affiliate Funding Priorities & Communities of Interest

Komen Northeast Ohio will only consider funding for programs that definitively respond to the Affiliate priorities as outlined in the 2015 Community Profile. Communities of Interest are also outlined in the Community Profile.

Direct Service Funding Assistance

Questions about Direct Service Funding should be directed to:
Gina Chicotel
Associate Director
(216) 292-2873, x112